What did Flappy Bird teach me?

Have you ever played Flappy Bird?

 Actually, I began to play Flappy Bird just because of its popularity.  Being a Vietnamese game which was  well-known all around the world, it stimulated my curiosity to play. And then I really enjoyed  and also had some valuable lessons from this game.

So, what did Flappy Bird teach me?


 1. ” Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.”  (Steve Jobs)

 At the first time I played, I just got 1 or 2 scores and sometimes I couldn’t pass any pillars. It made me quite frustrated and I just wanted to cast it aside. But a day after, I played again and got a better score. It encouraged me to play better step by step and then I really enjoyed the game.  Now, I can get almost 150 scores. Not too bad. LOL.

Something seems to be difficult at the first time, but if you try your best to overcome, it will be a lot easier for you to pick things up. Actually, all good things take time and hard working. If I curse and exit the game after hitting the first pillar, my higher score will never soar. If I give up because of some challenges in life, I will never achieve my dream. No matter how many times  life hits you, drowns you or burns you until you could hardly move forward, as long as you still keep your faith, you will still have a reason to start again. The more you try, the more you can see how beautiful something is. So, keep trying 😀

 2. Keep calm and enjoy your life ^^

 To get a high score, you have to learn how to keep calm and focus on one thing at one moment. You know, Flappy Bird is not a game you can play half-heartedly. Only just a second you have a lapse of concentration, you will lose the game. No need to worry about the next challenge, no need to think about the things you are not doing at present, the only thing you can do is focusing on every moment of the game and enjoy it. Being happy and successful in life is similar. Just focus on the important things and enjoy them. Is it simple?!

3.  Be yourself 😀

In this game, you don’t have to compare to the results of the others. You just compared your new score to your old one and see how you have improved during this game. So is life, you don’t need to look at the other’s performance and follow it. You just need to make every single day of your life better. And as someone said: “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday”, so be yourself, try your best and make your life better day by day. That’s all!

4.  Move or Die!

A bird always has to move. Whether it moves up or down, it always has to move forward. Albert Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”.  This quote can apply not only for this game, but also for life. ^^


Published by Oanh Nguyen

Be kind. Be happy. Be present.

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