Bucket list :)

What is a Bucket List?

A term of “Bucket List” is described as a list of all the goals you want to achieve, the dreams you want to pursue, and the life experience that you want to experience in your life.

Here is my bucket list including the things I want to do in my life:

  1. Climb a mountain (Fansipan Mount., June 2013)


2. Travel alone (Europe Trip in 2 weeks, September 2015)

It was the first time I travelled as a solo traveller. The trip lasted for about 2 weeks in 4 different countries in the EU. Thanks for the experiences I gained from that trip. 🙂


3. Go on a road trip (Highway 1, California with my bestie in December 2015)


4. Go camping by the beach (Mui Doi, January 2014)


5. Sleep in the mountain (Fansipan, June 2013)


6. Speak English fluently 

7. Try eating durian 

8. Practice Yoga 

9. Live in another country for at least 6 months (London, from September 9th, 2014 to December 22nd, 2015)


10. Take part in volunteer activities in a remote village (Daklak, Vietnam; December 2013)


11. Learn how to swim 

12. Go stargazing (Fansipan, June 2013)

13. Buy a camera by myself and capture some moments in life 

14. Learn how to make a cake for a special one

15. Get drunk 

16. Watch the sunrise 


17. Watch the sunset on the beach (Santorini Island, September 2015)


18. Donate blood 🙂 (5 times)


19. Have my own personal blog or website 


20. Have at least a true best friend 

21. Take a dance class (2013)

22. Send a postcard to a friend (May 2015)


23. Walk on a street with a lot of yellow leaves in autumn (London)


24. Buy flowers for myself 

25. Live in another city (Saigon)


26. Write a book

27. Visit the North-West Region of Vietnam (June 2013)

28. Ride a motorbike in a long-distance road by myself (Ha Giang to Lao Cai, June 2013)


29. Have a small library in my little house

30. Travel around the city by cyclo

31. Wander around the city overnight (Saigon, July 2013)


32. Give Mom & Dad a small present on my birthday as a way to say thanks to them. (April 2013)


33. Go for a pull on the river (Punt on the river Cam, Cambridge in April 2015)


34. Go on a picnic with my boyfriend/husband

35. Walk on a rainy day 

36. Walk on a snowy day

37. Visit Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai)

38. Visit Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto)

39. Visit New York

40. Visit San Francisco (December 2015)


41. Visit Grand Canyon

42. Visit Paris (September 2015)


43. Visit Amsterdam (September 2015)


44. Visit Venice (September 2015)


45. Visit Santorini (September 2015)


46. Have a coffee early in the morning with my friends 🙂

47. Have at least one foreign friend 

48. Travel with Mom & Dad and afford the traveling costs 😉

49. Learn how to drive a car 

50. Do public speaking

51. Go for a concert (Maroon 5, May 2015)


52. Practice meditation 


53. Pursue my passion

54. Start my own business

55. Walk/Dance in the rain

56. See the Northern Lights

57. Have a little garden in my house

58. Pack my bags and set off for a random location

59. Create my dream house 🙂

60. Live through four seasons of the year (London) ❤


61. Conquer my fear & get out of my comfort zone 


62. Be thankful everyday 

63. Learn how to make handicraft

64. Go skydiving

65. Go scuba diving

66. Visit Bhutan

67. Have a small coffee shop

68. Build a small bridge or road in a poor village in Vietnam

69. Go on a road trip through Vietnam with my best friends

70. Live in a countryside for at least one week

71. Be a good mother ❤

72. Travel somewhere with my bf

73. Have a party overnight with my best friends

74. Plant a tree


75. Run a Half/Full Marathon (HCMC Marathon 01.2019)

76. Attend Yi Peng festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Nov 2017)

77. Get a tattoo

78. Take one foreign friend to explore Vietnamese culture

79. Visit a vineyard and see how to make wine

80. Send a birthday present to someone and make them feel surprised 

81. Give myself a small gift on my birthday 

82. Ride a bicycle around the city

83. Set up a charity to help Vietnamese children in poor regions

84. Kiss under the rain 😉

85. Draw on something lol 


86. Have a collection of 4 points in Vietnam







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